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Established in 1999, to date KMF Productions has produced thirty-five documentaries in thirty-four countries in Africa, Asia, and The Americas

With a title influenced by a Rory Gallagher song, its mainstay series What in the World? features compelling and profoundly moving stories of people whose lives have been framed by poverty and injustice.

In doing so, it challenges the sense of fatalism and inevitability that nothing can be done to alleviate that suffering and injustice.

All films have been broadcast in Ireland and some have been broadcast on terrestrial and cable stations in Great Britain, The United States, The Netherlands, Iran, The Middle East and Australia.

Currently (2013) we are filming in Paris, Mexico, New York, Cameroon and Uganda. This series will be broadcast on RTE One in November of this year.

Peadar King and Mick Molloy,

Directors, KMF Productions

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Peadar King with Mandiaye Diop in Senegal++Peadar King with Mandiaye Diop in SenegalMick editing++Mick editingPeadar King and Petrona Villasboa (Paraguay)++sPeadar King and Petrona Villasboa (Paraguay)

Pictures from What in the World?

Map of All LocationsPicture galleries and information from the 26 locations of What in the world? can be viewed here: What in the world? Locations »


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