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For seven years, as members of our movement, we were persecuted by the timber companies. During that time some members of our environmental movement were killed. Many others received death threats.
Rene Gradis

They come to our house and we would hear them load their guns, It was so bad, I almost lost my baby
Dalia Meza

My husband was assassinated because he was an environmentalist. He was the father of three children. He was killed in 2004. He participated in the marches and the fight to stop the timber companies. He died in the defense of the forest and the environment.
Miriam Torres

For years we have many timber companies owned by entrepreneurs that also have a huge influence in the government.But at the same time there are other timber companies that are owned by politicians who hold power in this country. They have at their service professionals who sign documents that allow them manage and cut in the forest
Congressman Milton Vitgilio Rubi-Castro

We have three plants. We export wood to Holland and Germany. We also export to the Caribbean and the United States, In the whole country, there are approximately 135 registered wood companies.
Carlos Humberto Aguilar, Manager of Yodeco Wood Processing Company

Corruption is always present. Support from the government hasn’t always been the best. Some timber companies are complicit with politicians in destroying our resources.
Armando Rivera, Regional Chief of Olancho Institute of Forest Conservation

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